A unique and dynamic look for eyes and face

Bransus Individual Eyelashes are small eyelashes which are applied one by one on and between your own natural eyelashes, using a special glue. For creating a unique and dynamic look of both face and eyes. We offer you three different lengths: short, medium or long, to make your own eyelashes full and longer. Modern women use Bransus Eyelashes to enhance their looks.

Bransus Individual Eyelashes lashes are small flared lashes that can be placed between the natural lashes to give a natural volume. These finely knotted lashes are of the highest quality, waterproof and heat resistant.

With the use of the special Bransus Individual Eyelashes adhesive, the lashes are guaranteed to stay on for weeks. You can always use Bransus Eyelashes while you’re swimming, doing sport, showering, sleeping, in the sauna, etcetera, and it’s also perspiration proof. The Bransus Individual Eyelashes adhesive is super strong, safe and most importantly, it does not cause irritation.
Well know education institutes worldwide are offering training in this outstanding product. Top makeup artists and salons have converted to using lash enhancements from Bransus Individual Eyelashes!
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