At BCL they believe that true beauty is achieved from the inside out and everything else is only skin deep. Our body senses define how we feel and how we feel defines how we look.
ManiSation and PediSation utilizing the power of science and nature. By using these treatments you can nourish your body on an unique and strategic way. With these treatments the 5 senses are stimulated for a total relaxation of your body, mind and soul.

This Manicure System is the first PARABEN-free formula with natural extracts that directly provide professional results. The manicure is rich in Citrus, Vitamines and anti-oxidants. The 4 simple but very effective steps make it easy to refresh, rejuvenate, revitalize and nourish the skin.
This Pedicure System uses the power of nature and science. The soothing Lavender and Anti-oxidant-rich treatment is an easy-to-use and innovative system. PediSation sanitizes, soothes, restores and enhances the skin. It will soften the feet and making them fresh and feel 'new'.
SPA Organics
Naturally Simple is one solution to satisfy the needs of each customer Spa. SPA Organics is the first all-in-one treatment for the hand, feet and body with certified organic ingredients. The world's most precious essential oils and natural extracts are blended with the rare and exotic Argan oil from Morocco to create a safe, pure and refreshing experience in the spa or at home.
                                                                                                                     Luxury for her. Simplicity for you!
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