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Bond-It-On Gel Bonder 14 ml

Productcode1310111005 - Bond-It-On Gel Bonder
Ez Bond-It-On Gel Bonder is a gel adhesive that promotes maximum gel bonding. Can be used on any of the EzFlow gels; traditional UV gels, color gels, soak off gels, soak off gel polishes TruGel. It’s perfect for clients who experience lifting and peeling with gels. Bond-It-On Gel Bonder is not a primer or a light activated bonder. It’s a lightweight bonder formula that helps your gel manicure last for weeks.
- For superior adhesion
- Non-acid formula
- Prevents lifting and chipping
- Use with TruGel for maximum results
- Dries quickly
- Lightweight
- Extends wear of any type of EzFlow gel; traditional and soak off
Price€ 19,95 (excl. VAT)
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