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Basecoat 15 ml

EzFlow TruGel is 100% pure gel polish in a bottle. It gives nails mega-shine and color that lasts and lasts. TruGel is durable like a traditional gel and brushes on easily like a polish. As an added bonus, it protects natural nails leaving them healthier and stronger. A quick cure under either LED or UV lamps gives you and your clients the gift of time. It also takes little time to remove the gel without drilling or filing - a 10-minute soak-off with any acetone does the trick. The sticky gel residue can be removed
with any alcohol, so no extra investment in side products is needed. As it is 100% pure gel, TruGels have a longer shelf life. There are no additions of nail polish that evaporates or thickens. Another extra benefit, especially for those who is importing and exporting products of TruGel, is that these products are non-hazardous.
- 100% gel delivers mega-shine color
- For brilliant long-wearing color, at least 2 till 6 weeks
- Brushes on like polish for quick application
- Durable as a gel
- Applies easily over natural nails, acrylics, and gels
- Formulated to cure under both LED and UV light
- Protective gel formula leaves nails healthier and stronger
- By using Sand Shark when prepping, the natural nail will not be damaged more than necessary
- Adds only minutes to a basic manicure
- Just a quick soak off in 10 minutes with acetone or soak off gel remover, no drilling or filing
- No extra charges for salons for complementary products

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