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AS Nail Treatment Display 18 pcs

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All your nail treatments at one glance! This professional and practical white display holds 18 Nail Treatments (3 of each treatment) and has a matching back card. It provides a neat appearance on your counter or shelf, saves space and stimulates direct retail sales.

Content: 3x Stop Addiction, 3x Cuticle Rub, 3x Growth Burst Nail Serum, 3x Be Tough, 3x Cuticle Enrichment Essential Oil, 3x Gold Miracle Nail Serum
- Neat appearance
- Saves space
- Stimulates retail sale
- Holds 3x 6 nail treatment (18 pcs)
- Beautiful matching back card included
- Display is free, when purchasing 3x 6 nail treatments (18 pcs)
Price€ 79,95 (excl. VAT)
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