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AN UV Cleanser

BrandAstonishing Nails
Instantly removes tacky gel residue after curing. Will not streak or dull gel finish. May also be used for cleaning gel brushes, UV bulbs and reflectors.
- Designed to remove uncured gel after curing
- Used with all Astonishing Nails gels
- The key ingredient, alcohol makes uncured gel easier to remove while ethyl acetate reduces drag
helping uncured gel to “slide off”
- Removes residual gel without streaking or dulling the shine
- Perfect for cleaning Gel Application Brushes. It will not damage brush or interfere with gel nail shine
- Sanitizes while it cleanses
- Used to remove gel that may have accidentally come onto contact with the skin

Use with Nail Perfect Gel Sponges to prevent dulling of the gel shine. Lightly saturate a Gel Sponge with
Astonishing Nails UV Cleanser and gently wipe the top of the nail to remove tacky residue. For best
results, use a fresh side of the Gel Sponge for each finger. Do not cleanse between each coat of gel.
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