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AN No-Cleanse Top Seal

BrandAstonishing Nails
No-Cleanse Top Seal will convert any sticky gel surface into a “no cleanse” surface. Non-cleansing, mirror glass finish. Eliminates buffing and saves maintenance time. It can be used on gels, acrylics and wraps.
- Hypo allergenic formula
- Thin viscosity light activated gel
- No cleansing required
- Can be applied over acrylic, gel or wraps
- Seals the artificial nail protecting it from polish stains or solvent attack
- Leaves a lasting mirror glass finish on nail surface
- Shine will not dull or fade
- Non-yellowing
- Easy application with brush on application
- Eliminates time consuming buffing
- Eliminates the need for base coat under polish
- LED and UV curable
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