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AN Nail Removal Wraps

BrandAstonishing Nails
Use these ready-made Astonishing Nails Nail Removal Wraps to soak off acrylic and/or soak off gel nails very easily. These cottons wraps are self-sealing and save time and product. They give a more professional look and your clients will experience more comfort during nail removal.
- High quality ready-made cotton wraps
- For acrylics and soak off gel
- For fingers and toes
- Embedded absorbent pad
- Self-sealing
- Easy to use
- Significant time saving up to 10 minutes per client
- Cost effective uses 50% less acetone or soak off gel remover
- No waste
- No mess
- More professional appearance
- More comfort for your clients
- Strong material possibility to unwrap and re-apply
- Disposable
- Contains 50 wraps
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