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AN Nail Removal Foils

BrandAstonishing Nails
Save time and money with these ready-made Astonishing Nails Nail Removal Foils. They are very easy to use with the embedded absorbent pad and are suitable for soaking off acrylic as well as soak off gel nails. These foils do not only provide a professional appearance, but are also more comfortable for the client. They can move around freely.
- High quality ready-made foils
- For acrylics and soak off gel
- For fingers and toes
- Embedded absorbent pad
- Built in hem for extra stability
- Easy to use
- Significant time saving up to 10 minutes per client
- Cost effective uses 50% less acetone or soak off gel remover
- No waste
- No mess
- More professional appearance
- More comfort for your clients
- Strong material possibility to unwrap and re-apply
- Disposable
- Contains 100 foils
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