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AN Mystery Gels 5 ml

BrandAstonishing Nails
Astonishing Nails Mystery Gel is just as the names states, a real mystery. It is a very versatile gel that can be may be used for various applications. It the perfect addition to your soak off gel polish range and can be easily soaked off the natural nail when used in combination with Gelosophy Base and Gelosophy Top Gel. It is also the perfect addition to your color gel range used on Astonishing Nails acrylic or gel enhancements.
But the real mystery is revealed when used as a Design Gel. When used in combination with the Mystery Gel Base, the Mystery Gel Color creates a shattered, aged effect on the surface of the nail.

Another unique feature of the Mystery Gel is the 5D brush, with the double amount of high quality hairs (440 hairs). It has a unique free edge shape, specially trimmed to mirror the contour of the nail for a flawless application.
- Creates a shattered, aged effect
- Used with Mystery Gel Base for the mystery effect
- Suitable for natural, acrylic and gel nails
- Can be used as Soak Off Gel Polish
- Can be used as Color Gel
- For easy design
- Easy to remove - soak nails for 10 minutes in
- Astonishing Nails Soak Off Gel Remover
- In easy to sell 5 ml bottle
- With unique 5D brush - flawless application

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