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AN LED/UV Builder Gel

BrandAstonishing Nails
Get the strength of acrylics with the clear look of gels in a faster way! Astonishing Nails LED/UV Builder Gels offer the same quality that you have become accustomed to within the traditional UV Builder Gel range; but cures faster in LED light! These LED/UV formula builder gels have slow and even self-levelling properties, which assures total control and workability for the nail technician. Astonishing Nails LED/UV Builder Gels are versatile in use and make it easy to create perfect nails at any length: short nails, long nail extensions and are also suitable on toes.
The clear gels in different viscosities, a bright white with great coverage, a brilliant translucent pink and an elegant cover pink enable you to create the stylish natural looking nails to outperform any other brand.

LED/UV Builder Gel Clear I – crystal clear – medium viscosity.
LED/UV Builder Gel Clear II – crystal clear – thick viscosity – brilliant modelling capabilities, can be perfectly sculptured and ideal for (extreme) long nails. Great for countries experiencing extreme heat.

Clear I and Clear II have been introduced especially to meet the demands of busy salons during the seasons. Use Clear I during the colder months with its medium viscosity. Use Clear II in the warmer months with its thicker viscosity. Total control over your application.

LED/UV Builder Gel Bright White – whiter than white, for a gorgeous white free edge – medium viscosity.
LED/UV Builder Gel Translucent Pink – transparent pink, for a natural looking nail bed – medium viscosity.
LED/UV Builder Gel Cover Pink – ideal for nail bed extensions, camouflaging damaged nail plates or just beautiful natural looking nails bed – medium viscosity.
- Wears naturally on nails
- Universal application - tip overlays or sculpting on nail forms
- Easy application
- Slow and even self-levelling
- Low heat
- Odor free
- High gloss shine
- Incomparable strength and clarity
- Doesn’t break or crack
- Perfect basis for Gelosophy, color gels and nail polish
- Multiple viscosities
- LED and UV reactive
- Nanometer Range: 395nm - 405nm
- Cure time: LED: 30-60 seconds, UV: 2 minutes
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