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AN Gelosophy USB Stick 4 GB

BrandAstonishing Nails
Astonishing Nails introduces the Gelosophy USB Stick of 4 GB. This cute flash drive does not only help Astonishing Nails (and Gelosohphy) to build their brand identity and isnít just a must-have gadget. It is also a very useful tool to support for example the education programme. Copy the presentations, step by step, manual etc. on this memory stick and use it as hand-outs for your students. Or put any useful information on it for your potential customers. Attach this USB stick to your bunch of keys with the key ring and you will always have it with you.
- 4 GB memory
- With key ring
- Helps to build Astonishing Nails brand identity
- Useful for various purposes
- Must-have Astonishing Nails gadget
- Perfect as gift
Price€ 8,65 (excl. VAT)
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