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AN Gelosophy Tribal Goddess

BrandAstonishing Nails
As a woman your Primal Motive is to add color to your life and with the Gelosophy Summer Collection, we meet that need for you! This summer we want to encourage you to bring out your Tribal Goddess with a combination of tribal prints with a modern twist. It is your Divine Dynasty to set the trend.
Let your Native Diva free and create a new Culture Mode with our majestic Tribal Goddess Collection.
- Ideal for natural nails and artificial nails (gels and acrylics)
- Also ideal for toe nails
- Easy application applies like a polish
- Delightful long lasting semi-permanent colors
- Lasts for two weeks or longer
- Permanently shiny and non-yellowing
- The perfect addition to any polish section
- Color does not fade, dull, wear or chip
- No damage to natural nails
- No odor
- Great for mixing and customizing colors
- Moderate viscosity light activated gel with color - same as clear gel
- Use instead of nail polish
- No wait for polish to dry
- Cures in 2 minutes in a AN UV Light (4x 9 Watt) or in 30 seconds in a LED Light
- Easy to remove in 10 minutes in combination with AN Nail Removal Foils or Wraps
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