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AN Design Brush Set

BrandAstonishing Nails
The design brush set every nail artist has been waiting for!

This set is suitable for use with gel or acrylic paint! The compact set has a double-sided customizable unit on which 7 different brush heads fit. The heads are interchangeable and can be screwed into place. This revolutionary set offers brush caps for optimal protection of the brushes during transport.

The bristles are 100% Kolinsky which allows for optimal absorption of acrylic paints and an even application of gel.
- High quality all-in-one nail art brush for gel and paint
- Includes 7 different brush heads for all your design/artistic painting/one stroke needs
- Double-sided brush with interchangeable screw-on heads and brush caps
- Compact and convenient
- 100% Kolinsky hair
Price€ 49,95 (excl. VAT)
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