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AN Crystal Design II Brush

BrandAstonishing Nails
Mastering the art of beautiful nails takes talent, practice and the right tools. Talent and practice comes from with-in. The Astonishing Nails Crystal Design II Brush handle is light and perfectly balanced. It is designed to be an extension of your own hand. This brush has a unique form for use with various design applications. These brushes are custom made to meet the challenges of intricate design applications. This brush is suitable for acrylic, gel and handpainting. This limited edition brush was especially designed with a rhinestone handle to add a little pizzazz to your application!
- Made of highest quality of Kolinsky Sable hair
- Secured with Epoxy Resin
- No shedding of the bristles
- Use to create various designs
- Specially designed for use with gel, acrylic and nail art paint
- Cleans easily with Astonishing Nails Brush Cleaner or liquid (acrylic), Astonishing Nails UV Cleanser
(gel) or with water for Astonishing Nails Nail Art Paint
Price€ 21,95 (excl. VAT)
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