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AN Combination Kit

BrandAstonishing Nails
AN Combination Kit is a kit with all the necessary gel and acrylic products in one! Making it easy for any nail technician to try gel and acrylics without a large investment. You either have been an Acrylic user or Gel user, now both worlds come together. Combining the products have never been easier. For example: AN No-Cleanse Top Seal from the gel system on a Astonishing Nails acrylic nail.

Content: Builder Gel 14 g (Natural Pink, Ultra White, Clear), No-Cleanse Top Seal 14 g, Bonding Gel 14 g, Blue Scrub 250 ml, UV Cleanser 100 ml, NP Glue 3g, Orangewood Manicure Stick Groot, Files (Shape Up 150/150, Contour 180/180, Combo 100/180, Buff it 100/180, Hi Shine Jumbo 600/4000, Get Even 220/280), NP Salon Perfection Tips 100 pcs, NP Easy natural tips 100 pcs, NP Gel Sponges 10 pcs, NP Nail wipes 30 pcs, Color Gel “Red Instinct” 7 g, Gel Brush #4,NP Tip Cutter, NP Hand Disinfectant 100 ml, NP Manicure Brush with handle, NP Cuticle oil Almond 4 Ever 15 ml, AN Towel, 1 roll AN Forms, AN Acrylic Liquid 100 ml, AN Acid-Free Primer 15 ml, Acrylic Powder 25 g (Clear, Blush, Mega White), Color Powder "Bluberry pie" 10 g, Acrylic Brush #8 Oval, Glass Dappen Dish, NP Aceton 100 ml.
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