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AN Adherance+ Acrylic Liquid

BrandAstonishing Nails
After using Adherance+ Acrylic Monomer you will never want to use another acrylic liquid anymore!

Adherance+ is developed to combine easy application with a superior finished product without using a primer. The most revolutionary aspect of this monomer is the flexible mix ratio. No matter what the mix ratio is or which brand you work with, Adherance+ gives you the best results.
- Usable with all acrylic powders
- Flexible mix ratio
- No primer
- Durable adhesion
- No lifting
- No yellowing
- No chipping or breaking
- No extra dyes - consistent color every time
- Easy to apply suitable for natural nail overlays, refills and extensions on tip or forms
- Perfect protection for clients with thin natural nails as a protective layer
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