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AN Acrylic Brush #10

BrandAstonishing Nails
Acrylic Brush #10 is a size 10 brush with a high quality blend of Kolinsky Sable hair. The larger belly allows technicians to have complete control of their application and also improves speed of service due to the ability to hold more liquid, thus pick up a larger size bead of product. The crisp point will enable you to make those perfect brilliant smile lines. This oval brush is a must-have for creating dramatically deep smile lines, precise cuticle applications and backfills.
- Easy to use
- Size 10 for one ball application and improving speed of services
- Oval
- Kolinsky sable hair
- Large flat belly
- Complete control application
- Crisp point
- Able to create perfect smile lines
- Perfect for precise cuticle applications backfills and even the most detailed designs
Price€ 44,50 (excl. VAT)
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