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AN Acryl Basic Kit

BrandAstonishing Nails
Content: AN Mega White Powder 25 g, AN Clear Powder 25 g, AN Blush Powder 25 g, AN Acrylic Monomer 100 ml, AN Acid Free Primer 10 ml, AN Cuticle Oil Blue Paradise 15 ml, AN Brush-on Resin 5 ml, AN Acrylic Brush #8 Oval, AN Forms 300 pcs, AN File Get Even 220/280, AN File Hi Shine Round 600/4000, AN File Shape Up 150/150, AN File Contour 180/180, AN In Form 100/100, AN Blue Scrub 60 ml, Salon Perfection Tips 100 pcs, Easy White Tips 100 pcs, Tip Cutter Black, AN Manicure Brush, AN Dappendish, Nail Wipes 30 pcs, AN Acetone 100 ml.

Value of the kit = 194,30
Adviced price€ 194,30 (excl. VAT)
Price€ 165,00 (excl. VAT)
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